Perencanaan Bisnis (Business Planning)
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In this course, you will have the opportunity to create a complete business plan for a new or existing venture. The course is designed to be applicable to all programs and year levels. It is relevant to all professional, social and civic applications. The knowledge and skills developed throughout the course are relevant to all industries and sectors. They are essential in the development and launch of new ventures and the development of existing enterprises. 

The course will be particularly useful for you if you have identified a business opportunity while you have been studying or working. It provides the opportunity for those who wish to test the feasibility of an idea and establish a business plan to guide its evolution into a new venture. It will also provide you with valuable business skills and to see the relevance of the application of these skills to any discipline of study. It is believed that all students undertaking the course will benefit from the opportunity to work in multi- and cross-disciplinary teams and from exposure to the ideas, knowledge, and skills of your peers from other faculties, other programs, and year-levels.

The generic and knowledge capabilities developed through this course are comprehensive as the research, development, and communication of a business plan may occur in a range of industry or discipline contexts. Generic capabilities may include: [a] Problem diagnosis and problem-solving; [b] Evidence-based practice; [c] Responsive and responsible practice; [d] Socially and environmentally aware practice; [e] Internationally aware; [f] Information management; and [g] Communication. Knowledge capabilities may include: [a] Dealing with interdependent relationships and managing multiple stakeholders; [b] Initiating organizational action through the application of research and planning processes and the critical reflection and evaluation of performance; [c] Working effectively in small teams; [d] Using statistical data to inform management decision making; [e] Analysing accounting reports to evaluate business trends; [f] Analysing market situations and applying appropriate research methodologies; [g] Forecasting future marketing scenarios;

 Forming and communicating business plans; and [i] Applying a variety of analytical tools to solve logistical problems.

At the conclusion of this course, you will have: [a] the ability to identify and develop commercially viable ideas and opportunities; [b] the ability to undertake and critically evaluate market research; [c] understanding the importance of managing relationships and the ability to develop effective relationships while working in a team environment; [d] understanding of the inter-dependence of business partnerships and alliances with suppliers, distributors, customers, and the broader community; [e] understanding concepts relating to break-even and the ability to compile financial statements required in evaluating business opportunities; [f] understanding the underlying principles of managing risk; [g] understanding the importance of continuing to research, develop and commercialize innovation for the sustainable growth of a business in its industry and community context;

 understanding the need, and the ability to protect intellectual property; [i] understanding the need for, and the ability to develop and implement socially aware, responsible plans that focus on the triple bottom line and sustainability; [j] appreciation of, and skills in making an effective verbal presentation of a business proposal

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